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Books by Karen Briggs

Understanding Equine Nutrition

Eclipse Press
Authors: Karen Briggs
Originally published in 1998, extensively revised edition released in 2006. Understanding Equine Nutrition has been used as a text for the University of Guelph's Equine Science Certificate course in equine nutrition, for the Equine Studies program at Midway College in Kentucky, and at Ft. Scott Community College in Ft. Scott, Kansas.

Understanding The Pony

Eclipse Press
Authors: Karen Briggs
There is more to a pony than a small horse wrapped in a cute package. Ponies differ from their larger counterparts in a variety of ways, from dietary and health considerations to behavior. In this book, the author covers the essentials every pony owner needs to know. Topics include choosing the right pony, nutrition and pony psychology. Diseases and conditions common to ponies are discussed, along with maintaining a pony's health. Briggs outlines how ponies are used--for jumping, driving, and other disciplines. She also covers the various pony breeds, from Shetlands to Connemaras. She is a longtime pony enthusiast. This book offers some really good information on dealing with older ponies and diseases that are more likely with ponies. If you are new to horses or ponies, this is an excellent read; if you have been around horses, but are new to ponies, this one is a must! -- from

Crazy For Horses

Scholastic Canada
Authors: Karen Briggs
Imagine thoroughbreds thundering over your desk or graceful Arabians flying across your wall! Here are sixteen full-colour photos of horses and lots of fascinating facts to read, too. Stats and a description of the breed accompany each poster, and additional information abounds: the oldest breed of horse alive, how to tell a pony from a horse, horse anatomy, colour terminology, famous horse events kinds of competitions and more. Also in French and Estonian.

Still Crazy for Horses

Scholastic Canada
Authors: Karen Briggs
Still Crazy for Horses is bursting with photos of 16 beautiful horses — running, jumping and romping across the pages. Plus a fabulous pull-out poster! Also in French and Estonian. For ages 8-14.

Crazy for Ponies

Scholastic Canada
Authors: Karen Briggs
If you think kids are nuts about horses, you won't believe how crazy they are about ponies! From Shetlands to Connemaras, Crazy for Ponies features some of the world's cutest, most graceful and well-known pony breeds. Whether they're in the show ring or out on the trail, the ponies featured in these sixteen full-colour mini-posters - and the page of facts on each breed - will make young readers want to saddle up.

Totally Crazy for Horses

Scholastic Canada
Authors: Karen Briggs
This book is bursting with photos of 18 beautiful horses racing across meadows and thundering across fields. Learn about hardy Mustangs, elegant Lipizzans, almond-eyed Caspians and many more of your favourite horses. Includes a fabulous pull-out poster. Also in French and Estonian editions.